"I know how to work. I’m good at what I do. What I need is the opportunity to contribute."

Eva Kraus, in her opinion piece from Bay Windows

I need a level playing field. If Massachusetts had already had a law on the books prohibiting employment discrimination against transgender people, I would not be forced to live in fear of never being able to work again. I would not be forced to use state resources to stay afloat. I would be supporting my family, and paying the state substantial income taxes.

But that’s not the case. As a 12-year veteran of the US military, as a Naval Officer and the former CEO of a finance company, I assure you that my capabilities remain undiminished. Like so many other transgender men and women, I am ready to work. I am ready to contribute. We just need the opportunity to do so.

It’s time to pass the Transgender Equal Rights Bill in Massachusetts.

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