DASA is the Dignity for All Students Act, which protects students on the basis of “gender identity and expression [OMG it’s written out explicitly!], sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, weight, and disability.”

If you are in/near Manhattan and can be there, check it out this Wednesday! Not only will you be witnessing an exciting moment in trans rights history, you will also be showing yr support for a very important act.

Hell, I might take a little bus trip.


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"Now everyone knows there are transgender teens in Fort Worth. Some students thought I was gay, and I would say I’m not gay, I’m transgendered. They had no knowledge what it meant… They are trying to understand what it means and understand how I feel. They are asking me questions, doing their own research. They’re on the Internet. In some ways, I’m a teacher."

15 year old transwoman, Rochelle Evans (via Transgender teen free to be herself | Dallas Morning News)

To me, this is why being out is so important.

(This article is also an example of a news outlet actually writing a trans story correctly, and is one I recommend reading.)

Why being against LGBTQ issues is more than just a harmless opinion.



You may think that just being against LGBTQ issues is your personal belief, but it is much more than an opinion. There is this thought that the members of the LGBTQ community are all second rate citizens. We’re not “real” people. It’s this thought that fuels others to do harm to us. 

Being viewed as less-than an actual person causes:

  • Violent hate crimes
  • Discrimination in the work place
  • Depression and mental illness inside the LGBTQ community
  • High suicide rates among teens
  • Homeless teens in the LGBTQ community
  • For family members to send their children to “ex-gay” camps (leading to years of mental problems due to the “therapy” they do)

This is just a short list of the ways your opinions can affect others in this world. So next time you are weighing in on an LGBTQ issue, think to yourself about how you’re encouraging this belief that we are less-than others. We don’t want people to be “okay” with us. We don’t want you to tolerate us until we demand equal rights. We just want to be equal, and we wanted to be treated as equals as well. 

(This was inspired by all of the people posting how they are against gay marriage, but are “okay” with gay people.)

Well I feel like I’m preaching to the choir, but he did a great job with this and maybe you all can reblog in hopes of reaching some followers who don’t quite get it.

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"The WPATH Board of Directors strongly urges the de-psychopathologisation of gender variance worldwide. The expression of gender characteristics, including identities, that are not stereotypically associated with one’s assigned sex at birth is a common and culturally-diverse human phenomenon which should not be judged as inherently pathological or negative. The psychopathologlisation of gender characteristics and identities reinforces or can prompt stigma, making prejudice and discrimination more likely, rendering transgender and transsexual people more vulnerable to social and legal marginalisation and exclusion, and increasing risks to mental and physical well-being. WPATH urges governmental and medical professional organizations to review their policies and practices to eliminate stigma toward gender-variant people."

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health has prepared and released a statement urging the de-psychopathologisation of gender variance worldwide.

via www.wpath.org

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An open letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on ENDA

We are writing to express how extremely troubled we are that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has not yet been scheduled for a vote by the full House of Representatives. We believe a floor vote must be scheduled for ENDA immediately.

It would be devastating for LGBT workers for this Congress to not complete its work on ENDA before the end of this session. ENDA would be historic in the number of LGBT people who would benefit from its passage. During this economic crisis, it is more important than ever to prohibit the often impoverishing effects of workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

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